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Air Max, as NIKE (Nike) top sneakers has been highly sought after by fans. Yet more than half in 2014, this 2015 version of the Air Max has opened its mysterious veil, let us take a sneak peek! Air Max 2015 followed the predecessor of Air Max 360 whole palm cushion, providing a powerful cushioning foot feeling, but also by reducing the use of the ratio of the material in the bottom of the shoe body to further reduce weight. The most important upgrade points, is dynamic Flywire fly line technology into EM engineering mesh upper, and hot melt material together to provide a more complete package, while achieving a rapid lacing system. The Logo inverted design, just to avoid the exposed part of the dynamic fly line, so that the sides will not be too messy, anyway, whether it is "crooked hook" or "barb", as long as the hook point will become the user's attention. In the thickening processing ankle, on the overall package and stability will improve a lot. As for color, the exposure is somewhat polarized shoes, classic black and white color also allows users to have a more loyal to the traditional choice, and another gradient style and design before the ink used in large difference compared. Of course,Cheap nike air Max,there are some changes in order to encourage users to continue to update equipment powered pocket, "hook" must be well versed in the channel. The current release date and pricing are yet to be announced, we will continue to follow up bring up reports. Evolution Pack commemorate the 20th anniversary of the money talk Nike Air Max Nike, classic style number less number, almost every ten years will be an avalanche of good shoes being eulogized. But experience in this era we believe most can not forget is the Air Max series. I remember the shock when the Air Max 95 launch generated a great deal of volatility, but who would have thought when the first pair of Nike Air Max series of Air Max I launched the market reaction is very general? 20 years experience indeed a lot of variables, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of Air Max, Nike held a particular aspect called 'Evolution Of Air' exhibition, in addition to the new models of Air Max 360, with a few more will be exhibited Representative Air Max models, and more hopes for the new 'Evolution Pack', for this year adding new sports shoes hui revolution. This building is the "Nike Digital Movement" (Nike Digital Sport) seat. It is the department Nike newly established in 2010. On one level, the goal of the department is to develop a variety of equipment and technology to help users monitor individual statistical data related to the time to participate in sports. The department's most well-known product is the Nike + running sensor. The jointly developed with Apple products can be monitored jogger in motion performance, soon available on the subject blitz. Now, there are 500 million people take advantage of this tool to view their state of motion. Last month, the "digital campaign," the Ministry launched its first heavyweight successor - to monitor energy output "Fuel wristbands" (FuelBand).

However, the work of the digital movement far beyond the R & D department of popular sports small equipment. The department gathered the world's most outstanding marketing staff, they single-handedly hold the data Nike consumers,Cheap Air Max Thea,occupy a unique advantage, is expected to use the data to track consumers, create online communities, in order to establish strong relationships with consumers unprecedented . Nike plans to develop a huge,ready to shift most of its marketing activities in the digital domain, and this is part of it. Since the "just do it" phrase slogan was born, or even who Portland State University (Portland State University) graphic design students to draw the Nike tick logo Swoosh (meaning "whizzed on paper "- Annotation) since the Nike headquarters ushered in the most significant changes. Try to recall what you see on TV recently Nike commercials. If you remember, do not be surprised. Although Nike's total marketing budget is still rising steadily, and last year it is to reach a record $ 2.4 billion, but it is spent in the United States television and print media advertising within three years on the drastic reduction of 40%. ? Brian Collins is a brand consultant, is a senior creative director of the advertising industry, he said:. "Now, Nike has rarely put on traditional media ads." In the past that top to bottom, around the popular single product launch marketing campaign gone, either please superstar Tiger Woods endorsement, launched autograph version of the "Air Force One" (Air Force 1), or released parody starred in the late 1980s by the cloth? Jackson, Nike's brand identity will be able to rely on sales of the brand's "Cloth know" (Bo Knows) commercials. These marketing tools have been new, full of interactive marketing campaigns to replace elements, they allow users to communicate directly with Nike. Message to the big screen erected 30 storeys Johannesburg Nike Twitter fans;; wristband monitor movement from the state and then by Oscar-nominated director of photography, not in the prime-time broadcast television, but on Facebook premiere of large advertising, this reflects both the new marketing trends. Jon? Bond is Eriksson Baum? Bond? Sena Ke Partnership (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners) co-founder, who now runs a social media advertising company. He said: "Obviously, Nike believes that even if there is no large-scale television advertising, their business can still done fast." The reason for this shift is simple: Nike needs close to the consumer. The core consumer image is a 17-year-old boy. Spending than adults on his sneakers 20% more, but he had to give up the TV,air max 90 outlet,but in all types of online communities flies like a duck. Nike not only think they have without the help of a massive TV advertising will be able to develop new markets, it said that the digital world to make their brands and consumers to form a closer interaction - perhaps comparable to the Nike tightness early development. At the time, that is, in the 1960s, the company founder Phil? Knight drove his own car, personally sell shoes. Not long ago, in the "Fortune" magazine (Fortune) interview, Nike CEO Mark? Parker in Beaverton that room filled with knick-knacks his office said that this is a major change. He said: "The previous mode of communication is that it is our products, which we do advertising, I hope everyone likes but now communication is dialogue."

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